Nicklas Tired
All music and lyrics created by Nicklas Lindgren.

Living the Dream

      1. Soulmachine - Living the Dream


One day a close friend called me and told me she had some words in her mind “Living the Dream“. She told me a story about the footsteps she had taken in her life, her feelings and what she felt. This later became a song with the same name as the words. I sent it to her, she cried and for me thats the best honour I could ever recieve…


Under your wing

      2. Soulmachine - Under your wing

If you are a winner

      3. Soulmachine - If you are a winner


      4. Soulmachine - Explain

I am

      5. Soulmachine - I am

I am to me

      6. Soulmachine - I am to me

Heart of Life

      7. Soulmachine - Heart Of Life

Butterfly on a needle

      8. Soulmachine - Butterfly on a needle

Ready to Go

      9. Soulmachine - Ready To Go

Piano tema FELICIA

      10. Soulmachine - Piano Tema Felicia

Time To Land the Plane

      11. Soulmachine - Time To Land the Plane

The Words

      12. Soulmachine - The Words

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