Neptun Music – Uboat INSIDE (scary)

Soulmachine-Neptun Music-UboatInside by Soulmachine 

This is the ambience for the submarine INSIDE. Can be a bit scary for very young people and this clip is a bit more dark than the “morning” ambience…

Written for the Neptun-Project…
It was a 5 week project at BTH where we made an interactive web/dashboard/application, a concept for a map guiding you through the Marinmuseum in Karlskrona.

To present our idea we focused on Neptun, a Swedish submarine from the cold-war. We made an web-application in php and html5 where we had illustrations, a narrator voice, movieclips and soundscapes all working together to make a inspiring feeling.

The music is made by Nicklas Lindgren (Soulmachine) and the ambience sounds such as water and seagulls by Pontus Svensson.

The whole project can be found at:

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